Higher Structures à la Glanonaise

En mémoire de notre ami et plus grand supporteur Jacky Michéa

July 10-11, 2023 @ Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris

This workshop is part of the thematic trimester ‘Higher Structures in Geometry and Mathematical Physics’.


MON 09:00 Sébastien Michéa & Philippe Bonneau Introduction
  09:30 Alessandra Frabetti Around a Glanon Groupoid
  10:00 coffee break  
  11:00 Sébastien Michéa Zero knowledge proofs of computation
  11:30 Grégory Ginot Quantization of BF-theory via higher structures
  12:00 lunch break  
  15:15 Camille Laurent-Gengoux Higher structures for lower problems
  15:45 Yaël Frégier Differential Geometry in AI
  16:15 coffee break  
  17:00 remote social meeting A zoom link will be sent to you by email on Monday.
  18:00 reception at IHP  
TUE 09:30 Friedrich Wagemann Leibniz Cohomology
  10:00 Mathieu Stiénon Duflo-Kontsevich theorem for dg manifolds
  10:30 coffee break  
  11:30 Olga Kravchenko Symétrie et antisymétrie — c’est super
  12:00 Ping Xu BV_infinity quantization of (-1) shifted derived Poisson manifolds
  12:30 farewell  


L’école de Glanon

Eglise Saint-Marcel, Glanon

Institut Henri Poincaré

Penn State